God’s Food Pantry started when a single mother of ve tithed her food stamps in 1997. The food lled up a small cupboard. Today as part of the ACCESS Food Pantry Organization. God’s Food Pantry serves up to 150 people a week (nearly 7,000 people a year) with 3-5 days of food. The needs are great and continue to grow as we serve families who need a little extra help. We don’t have enough storage now and have to turn food away!

Friday: 9am to 3pm


You Can Make a Difference

The giving of oneself brings incredible satisfaction. Even Jesus talked about how His “food” was doing God’s will. When we give of ourselves we give to ourselves the best gift we can give. By being part of a church or fellowship you bless others. By serving on a board of a non-profit organization you give of your wisdom and creativity. By seeking God’s leading you may start a new ministry that is much needed in our community.